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From Jeff_47 <>
Subject Re: RBLs not run when dns_available=yes?
Date Fri, 12 Mar 2010 19:30:43 GMT

d.hill wrote:
>>Quoting Jeff_47:
>>> I have an odd situation - it seems like I must be missing something but
>>> I
>>> don't know what.
>>> In my, I had the following lines:
>>> dns_available yes
>>> skip_rbl_checks 0
>>> I noticed that no RBL checks were being run.
>>> If I change dns_available to "test" or comment out the line (same
>>> function),
>>> now the RBL checks are run as expected.
>>In SA v3.3.0:
>>Commenting out the line results in using the default setting. The  
>>default setting for 'dns_available' is 'test'. Perhaps there is a DNS  
>>issue on your server.
> Thanks, I understood the part about commenting it out.  
> But my question is this: since 'dns_available test' results in all the
> rbls being run, then doesn't that mean that the test is succeeding?  In
> which case, how is that different than my entering 'dns_available yes'.  
> In other words, a successful test run by 'dns_available test' is not
> producing the same result as 'dns_available yes' - that's where I was
> surprised.
>>'skip_rbl_checks' is defaulted to '0'. You shouldn't have to include it.
> Right.  When I was troubleshooting and not getting expected results, I
> added it to be explicit.

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