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From Mark Martinec <>
Subject Re: Weird problem with Spamassassin and Net::DNS, using ipv6 and failing - more info
Date Fri, 05 Mar 2010 00:02:45 GMT

> Mar  4 21:14:52.177 [4180] dbg: dns: no packet! err=Connection refused
> packet=undef
> Mar  4 21:14:55.196 [4180] dbg: dns: NS lookup of using
> failed, no results found

Weird indeed. Which version of IO::Socket::INET6 do you have?

$ perl -le 'use IO::Socket::INET6; print IO::Socket::INET6->VERSION'

Try capturing your traffic on a loopback interface for port 53:

  tcpdump -i lo0 -s 0 -w 0.log 'port 53'

then we can decide whether the fault lies with SpamAssassin and
its underlying inet sockets module, or with your DNS server(s),
or even with your TCP stack implementation. Btw, what OS is that?


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