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From "Dennis B. Hopp" <>
Subject Re: Bogus mails from hijacked accounts
Date Thu, 11 Mar 2010 18:32:30 GMT

> ...and I suppose the same would apply to social networks. I don't use
> either, so am somewhat clueless about what goodies are available if you
> can access their accounts.

I have some free e-mail accounts that I use as throw away accounts.
When a site just HAS to have a valid e-mail so you can read the news
article or whatever.  I might login to the accounts about once a month.

> >  The one of these I encountered at $DAYJOB was sent to the account
> > owner's wife's ex-husband-- not my first choice when asking for emergency
> > funds. The email also claimed he was traveling in London-- the guy AFAIK
> > hasn't left Texas, let alone the US, in the past few years-- and used a
> > number of phrases that a native speaker of American so-called-English
> > wouldn't.
> >
> OK, looks like I hugely overestimated the intelligence of recipients of
> such scams and hence the care needed to target an attack.

It's a sad thing, but a lot of people fall for stupid scams every day...

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