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From "Kevin Parris" <>
Subject Re: Checking Rules
Date Mon, 22 Feb 2010 14:24:57 GMT
It "applies" all the rules, in the sense of testing each message for
each condition.  If a message matches the conditions of a rule then that
is considered a "hit" on that rule.  Rules that "hit" on a message are
listed in the report.  Messages that appear, to the human observer, to
be very similar, are not necessarily actually similar when judged by the
precision of rule evaluation criteria.  A human might think "these two
messages both contain references to medications" but for the same rules
to "hit" the particular elements in messages that the rules test for
must be alike, not merely similar.  For example, a rule designed to
catch references to penicillin can't catch ALL the many variant
spellings and use of numerals that resemble letters that spammers employ
specifically to get around such filtering techniques.

>>> Personal T├ęcnico <> 02/22/10 7:02 AM >>>

I would like to know how SA determines what rules are aplied while 
scanning a mail and what rules not, because I have received two mails 
with similar body but applied rules were different.

Another question: is there any way for configuring SA for getting a 
detailed score of rules in a mail when "X-Spam-Status: No". By default,

SA does a detailed score when mail is marked as SPAM, but not in HAM


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