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From Charles Gregory <>
Subject Suggestion for use by ANY whitelist service....
Date Fri, 04 Dec 2009 16:08:19 GMT

All this debate about 'legitimate' mail services like 'returnpath'
being abused by 'sneaky' spammers. How is that possible? There should be 
easy ways to prevent it. Here's a few ideas:

As soon as any whitelist service like 'returnpath' accepts 
a client, they perform the following:

1) Review the client's address list - look for honeypot addresses.
    If any are found, clearly the client has not vetted their list.

2) Perform their OWN 'opt-in' mailout to that list.
      "Hello, we at (company eg. Retunrpath) have contracted to operate a
       mailng list on behalf of (client name). They have provided your
       address as one that has *requested* advertising mailouts from their
       company. We respectfully request that you verify this
       subscription/request by replying to this e-mail. IF you do nothing,
       this will be your last mailing from this company."

I'm sure we would all live with the occasional true 'opt-in' request, if 
we knew that the end result would be that it would stifle spam by giving 
the legitimate mailers, the ones whose mail we *want* anyway, a better 
chance to reach us.

- Charles

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