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From Rich Shepard <>
Subject Setting Up Additional User with SA
Date Mon, 14 Dec 2009 15:06:33 GMT
   I've read the FAQ and Wiki without seeing an answer to my question. The
answer may very well be in a document I've not examined; if it is, please
point me to it. Here's the situation:

   SpamAssassin-3.2.5 is installed here and works well for me with our
postfix MTA. We have two users here: me and my wife. I read mail on the
server/workstation using alpine and she reads it on her laptop using
seamonkey. When spam gets through to my inbox I save it in 'spam-uncaught'
and once a week run 'sa-learn' with those messages as '--spam.' Works well
for me.

   My question is what I need to do to set up the equivalent abilities on my
wife's laptop (running xubuntu-9.10). Do I need to install SA on her
machine, too, or is there a way to filter her mail through the server's

   Pointers, guidance, and suggestions are needed.



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