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From "jdow" <>
Subject Re: OT Re: Museum piece...
Date Thu, 17 Dec 2009 17:30:38 GMT
From: <>
Sent: Thursday, 2009/December/17 09:06

> re: CP/M
> No S-100 bus systems mentioned yet?

Processor Technology SOL-PC boosted to a higher speed (had to
reengineer timing on the board.) I also added a paddle board with S-100
slots on both sides. I was able to stick 5 S-100 cards into a remarkably
odd profile compared to other S-100 systems.

> My first home computer was a Godbout S-100 bus system running a dual 
> 8085/8088 CPU board. At that time, the future in operating systems was 
> going to be CP/M 86.

I also have a Godbout chassis and some of their CPU cards. I used them
as the basis for my paging hack.

> I decided it was time to upgrade when a computer store clerk was trying to 
> tell me that there was no such thing as an 8" floppy disk...

I decided to upgrade when Jay Miner's geniuses put together the Amiga


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