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From Ted Mittelstaedt <>
Subject Re: HTML in Messages
Date Tue, 15 Dec 2009 19:31:01 GMT
Marc Perkel wrote:
> If you can't handle HTML then filter it on your end.

I use Thunderbird which handles HTML mail fine.

However, I will point out that a lot of people use
Outlook  (the Outlook in MS Orafice) because they are
supporting Outlook users and need to be familiar
with the latest Mickeysoft bozoisms in Outlook.

Outlook can be set to compose and send text-only
e-mail just fine.

However, when Outlook RECEIVES an HTML mail and the
user replies or forwards it, then the text-only settings
are ignored, the mail remains HTML-formatted.

The HTML-formatting breaks the usual  ">" quoting badly,
it greatly discourages editing of posts the user is
replying to to trim out the extraneous cruft, (ever
tried selecting a block of forwarded text and deleting it
in Outlook) and it hides URL's embedded in the mail

It's possible to click a button in Outlook and reformat
text your forwarding to text-only, but this puts the
burden on the recipient to remember to do this - and also
when you do it, the mail is really formatted badly and
the user has to manually reformat it.

Now granted a lot of this could be corrected by bugfixing
Outlook and isn't the fault of HTML mail - but, it is currently
broken NOW and Mickeysoft isn't likely to correct it.  You must
understand that if your using Outlook to handle both internal
corporate mail (in which case you may want to HTML-format it)
and external mailing list mail, that people who send HTML mail
to mailing lists really cause you a problem.


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