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From Rob McEwen <>
Subject Re: - tainted white list
Date Mon, 14 Dec 2009 18:17:32 GMT
If I ever do anything questionable, or not ethical, or even illegal, I
hope that Richard is the one to call me out on it publicly because once
he's confused issues with his personal insults and his best "Art Bell"
impression, I'll then come out smelling like a rose.

If he can ever stay banned, I won't miss the personal insults, I won't
miss his "holier than thou"/"us against them"/all-or-none positions &
attitudes, and I certainly won't miss the endless argumentative threads
he inspired about seemingly nothing (imo).

But I will miss (a) the entertainment value of some of his posts (his
"dark forces" one from earlier today was a classic) --AND-- last but not
least--I will miss his willingness to break through the political
correctness and bring up various points that few others were willing (or
brave enough?) to point out.

Rob McEwen
+1 (478) 475-9032

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