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From Marc Perkel <>
Subject Re: Short URL Providers RBL List
Date Fri, 06 Nov 2009 01:10:05 GMT
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RW wrote:
<blockquote cite=""
  <pre wrap="">On Thu, 05 Nov 2009 20:05:25 +0100
Jonas Eckerman <a class="moz-txt-link-rfc2396E" href="">&lt;;</a>

  <blockquote type="cite">
    <pre wrap="">Marc Perkel wrote:

    <blockquote type="cite">
      <pre wrap="">I don't know if it will be useful but I made a short URL provider
list that is DNS readable.
    <pre wrap="">Thanks. That could be usuable in my URLRedirect plugin. A current
list of URL redirectors is the main thing missing from that plugin.

It would be even better it included info about wether a URL shortener 
uses HTTP redirects (wich is what my plugin checks). 
  <pre wrap=""><!---->
One other thing is that sometimes the links have already been cancelled
for abuse, and the redirection goes to a page saying that. Such pages
aren't going to be in any URIBL list, but obviously they are very
strong spam indicators.  Ideally there would be a regex to match those
links on each redirection service.

I love that idea. I thought this might go somewhere!<br>

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