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From Rob McEwen <>
Subject Re: consolidating DNSBLs into a single query (was Spam Eating Monkey?)
Date Wed, 07 Oct 2009 13:05:41 GMT
Mike Cardwell wrote:
> I don't understand the logic of that. Ie, why you'd need to use
> bitmasking? is a combination of various different
> lists and returns multiple values like this:<SNIP>

If every list is an "outright block" list, then you are correct. My
point applies to situations where some lists are used in scoring mode,
and where there is a desire to be able to calculate a score based on
exactly which lists hit on a particular sending IP.

But even if someone tries this with all "outright block lists", and uses
rbldnsd's built in ability to consolidate lists, then there are still
two problems:

(a) for auditing purposes, there'd be no way to tell *which* lists hit
on that IP since many use the same return codes

(b) some hundreds-of-MB-large lists which previously could have used the
lower-memory "ip4tset" would have to revert back to slower and
higher-memory-usage "ip4set", fwiw

Again, not saying these problems can't be solved, only pointing them out
so that anyone who cares to try can know what they need to do, or need
to expect.

Rob McEwen
+1 (478) 475-9032

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