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From Ted Mittelstaedt <>
Subject Re: OT bad news
Date Mon, 05 Oct 2009 21:21:32 GMT
Shane  (Or Thomas)

   This isn't a debate about Open Source vs commercial software as
much as you would like to think that it is.  This is a debate
about something that your familiar with (FreeBSD/Spamassassin)
and that none of your coworkers are familiar with, vs something
that your coworkers are (possibly) familiar with and that you
(possibly) are not.  In other words, it's about job security,
and about ambition.

You have had a FreeBSD/Spamassassin solution for 8 years and
you have spent the time to learn it, and your coworkers have
screwed off rather than learn how it works.

Your coworkers finally wised up enough to realize that because
you are the go-to guy, and they aren't, that you can't be
fired and they can.  So their logic, which is typical lazy
man's logic, is to get rid of this system that they think it
hard to understand and replace it with a system that they
think it easier to understand, so they can do the minimum amount
of work to learn the system.

You are naive enough to think that once the new Exchange system
comes into use that things won't settle back into the same

What your going to find is that once Exchange is online, your
lazy-assed coworkers aren't going to do anything more to learn
the system than they do now, and that your going to end up learning
the system - and a year from now, your still going to be the
go-to guy, pulling their hineys out of the fire.

The big difference, is that there will be a system in place that
your lazy-assed coworkers can con your boss into believing
that they understand.  So in other words right now, your doing
all the work on the mailsystem, and getting all the credit.

Once your coworkers finish with you, your STILL going to be
doing all the work - but THEY will be taking all the credit.

What you need to be doing is polishing up your resume then
start applying and get yourself a job offer that pays better
than what you have.  It might take a year of looking for this.
And in the meantime, if you want to get some well-earned
revenge against your coworkers, then you need to learn
Exchange inside and out, so that the day you walk into your
bosses office and tell him your quitting, that in the instant
he realizes that he's going to be screwed and starts begging
you not to leave, that you can tell him that if he had
supported you against your coworker morons a year ago, you
would support him now - but that since he didn't, he's going to
have to deal with those lazy-asses now.

You stuck your horse's head in the water for 8 years and
your still pouring the water down his throat to get him to
drink.  Time to let him die, and find another horse.  Some
of them are too pig-headed to ever be trained.

Ted Mittelstaedt
Author, FreeBSD Corporate Networker's Guide

Thomas Mullins wrote:
> We have been running Spamassassin for maybe eight years now.  But, my 
> coworkers do not like OpenSource.  So they have finally complained 
> enough that my boss is going to replace our reliable 
> FreeBSD/Spamassassin boxes.  They are planning on purchasing something 
> that runs ON Exchange.  What a bummer. 
> Shane

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