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From (牛粥)
Subject Re: Can I auto-delete emails scoring 10 and above, yet mark as spam those 5 and above?
Date Thu, 17 Sep 2009 22:29:52 GMT
drkwc <> writes:

> New Spamassassin nb qs:
> On the configuration panel, I have SpamAssassin set to mark as spam any
> email scoring 5 or above.
> I have a rule set in Outlook Express to route those to a SpamAssassin SPAM
> folder.
> Now, I'm wondering, can I ALSO set the auto-delete function to delete -- at
> server level -- any emails scoring 10 or higher. That would be really
> convenient and would only deliver to my Outlook Express spam folder those
> scoring lower than 10.
> It's not clear to me that I can use both functions simultaneously. The
> language on the Spam Assassin control panel says, for both functions, "Set
> the number of hits required before a mail is considered spam."
> Am wondering if I can have two different settings. One for auto delete and
> another for marking and delivering emails?

How about this -- "SPAMASSASSIN shell-based filter"? 
You can look it at Google. Actually that was useful for me.  


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