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From Yet Another Ninja <>
Subject Hostkarma: to be or not to be in SA defaults
Date Wed, 30 Sep 2009 05:41:20 GMT
been following Warren Togami's aggressive lobbying for adding RBLs to 
SA's defaults, and I have some questions:

- is it wise to add yet even more lookups to BLs and slow down SA's 
already huge amount of DNS lookups.

- is the BL in question (which ever it may be) prepared for sustaining 
the global traffic load of millions of default SA setups.

- does the BL have a track record, wide acceptance, safety and 
reliability to become a standard in SA?

- shouldn't SA be conservative and deliver *safe* default setups 
allowing the end user/admin/whatever decide how far he/she wants to hog 
his setup with by querying yet more BLs.

- With all respect for Mark and his efforts: there is a track of one man 
operated BLs being DDOS'd to oblivion, operators disappearing, etc.
Should this be weighted as well?

I believe these points should have more weight than arguing about 
trivial naming or BL colours....


have a good day...

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