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From monolit <>
Subject Re: SA-learn (spamassassin)
Date Sun, 02 Aug 2009 21:43:40 GMT

To Benny Pedersen: I understand your explanation about increasing of
spamassassin database. Your example with md5 is clearly. Ok thank you very

To by Karsten Br├Ąckelmann-2: I want to apologize for my approach - I use
Ubuntu and other forums because I am hopeless because my homework was
install configure and run antispam(spamassassin, ClamAV, Clamsmtp,razor,
postfix). Now I am under pressure because tomorrow I have to deliver my
solution to my chief... I must explain to him how it works and so on. 

the number of spam exceeding the bayes_min_spam_num value does not activate
Bayes *learn*ing. It means that Bayes will classify mail -- based on what it
learned before. it keeps track of *tokens*, and the number they have been
seen in ham or spam. Your  explanation is confusing for me, because you
claim value of min_spam_num  means that Bayes will classify mail -- based on
what it learned before My min_spam_num value is 1. I get the first mail.
Subject: viagra; body: viagra. I use sa - learn -spam for this mail. I get
new mail: Subject: viagra; body: viagra. What will do Bayes according to
you? Keep in mind your words 
The bayes_min_(ham|spam)_num values ONLY control, how many messages
Bayes needs to have learned, before it should start classifying mail.  => my
Bayes can classifying mail(because min_spam_num value is 1 => the condition
is accomplish). What now? Will be my new mail mark like spam? Or will get
any higher score...?

And again, 1 is not a sane number. - I endeavour to explain to you that this
is only homework. Why number 1? Because I want to see on my own eyes how 
bayes works. I dont have time find many really spam(I know the number must
be bigger about 1000 - its OK I knew it).
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