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From Neil Schwartzman <>
Subject Re: Spam Rats - does anyone know them?
Date Thu, 09 Apr 2009 20:01:34 GMT

Someone here isn't just using SA.

Got a bounce saying I said a bad word. For the record, it wasn't me.

Microsoft Antigen for SMTP found a message matching a filter. The message is
currently Purged.
Message: "Re_ Spam Rats _ does anyone know them_"
Filter name: "KEYWORD= profanity: bitch;sexual discrimination: bitch"
Sent from: "Neil Schwartzman "
Folder: "SMTP Messages\Inbound"
Location: "psp/TRACYSV05"

On 09/04/09 3:55 PM, "Neil Schwartzman" <>

> On 09/04/09 2:35 PM, "Matus UHLAR - fantomas" <> wrote:
>> That's the question. I do not object against listing of a spammer, but
>> dynamic? naming convention? Will they block host if it spams, if it sends
>> mail from gmail com and the hostname is which looks
>> like their upstream provider?
>> OK, I don't want to bitch, I'm searching for some valid informations, mostly
>> about their "best practices".
> Well there certainly has been some discussion on the MAAWG senders' list
> about naming conventions and clarity or rDNS resolution HELO, and so on and
> it is something *we* recommend to our certified and safelisted clients
> (beyond FQ rDSN which is a requirement), but blocking on something that is
> far far far from an industry standard? I'd suggest that is silly at best,
> but "do tell us how that works out for you" as the phrase goes.

Neil Schwartzman
Director, Accreditation Security & Standards
Certified | Safelist
Return Path Inc.

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