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From James Wilkinson <>
Subject Re: Near capitable punishment for all capitals?
Date Mon, 06 Apr 2009 19:50:11 GMT
Mark wrote:
> Eh, it's no biggie, really, I was just surprised it scores as high as,
> say, being listed on DCC. But then again, who actually *does* write in all
> caps, except a spammer? :)

Quite a few of my employer’s correspondents: and not just in the

I know a number of my users who do a lot of bulk data entry have Caps
Lock permanently on: much of our company data is in all-caps, and users
are strongly encouraged to keep new data looking the same way. And some
of them don’t see any reason to turn it off for a quick email. So site
config has a much lower score for this rule.

I’m not sure it’s worth putting these emails in a corpus: once you start
cherrypicking emails to make a point, the automatic score generation is
no longer statistically relevant.


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