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From "J.D. Falk" <>
Subject Re: spam bots guessing mx???
Date Mon, 09 Mar 2009 19:20:25 GMT
Bazooka Joe wrote:

> Last week I got a client that wanted me to spam virii filter for their
> in house exchange server.
> I changed the mx from mail.domain.tld (their exchange) to
> mail2.domain.tld (my sa box) which relayed to mail.domain.tld.
> Last week all worked as expected.  The hundreds of spam droped to 0;
> until this weekend.  Looking at the headers, mail is going directly to
> the mail.domain.tld even though it isn't listed as mx anywhere.
> I can tell the exchange server to only except mail from my server but
> has anyone else experienced this?

Yeah, I've heard other stories of spam bots caching old MX records for 
months after they've been changed in the DNS.

J.D. Falk
Return Path Inc

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