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From Ned Slider <>
Subject Re: Block all incoming mail from domain except certain users?
Date Fri, 10 Oct 2008 15:27:41 GMT
Liam-PrintingAutomation wrote:
> I'm noticing we're getting a lot of spam coming through with a from
> address of our own domain. This gives spamassassin an automatic -100 on
> the score pretty much guaranteeing that it'll not get flagged as spam.
> Since we have a limited number of people using that domain, is there a
> way to tell spamassassin to block or at least give a really bad score ot
> any email with a FROM as coming from our domain but is not a user (left
> of @ sign) that isn't one of these X addresses?
> Thanks for any advice!
> Liam

Presumably this is because you've whitelisted your whole domain. For 

whitelist_from 	*@mydomain.tld

but some more information as to exactly how these mails are being 
assigned -100 would be useful. Assuming the above, IMHO this is a Bad 
Idea for the reasons you've just discovered.

If you're going to whitelist like this, maybe try *only* whitelisting 
legitimate accounts:

whitelist_from 	user1@mydomain.tld
whitelist_from 	user2@mydomain.tld

which would achieve what you've asked for.

Personally, I don't whitelist any of my domains and just leave SA to get 
on with it and scan my mail as normal. If I get any problematic mails 
then I add a rule on a case by case basis (usually a meta rule). For 
example, if the MD always sends a "monthly sales figures" mail that gets 
snagged by SA I'd write a meta rule to detect mail from the MD with the 
subject containing "monthly sales figures" and give it a negative score 
as appropriate.

Other measures like SPF would allow you to specify servers allowed to 
send mail for your domain(s) but they're not going to help when a 
whitelisting score of -100 is arbitrarily applied to all mails.

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