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From "Randal, Phil" <>
Subject RE: List of Banks often spoofed in Phishing scams
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2008 07:30:28 GMT
Joseph Brennan said:

> Many banks also send mail from third-party servers.  Bank of America
sends from
> and  American Express sends from
(which is
> theirs) and  Some send from bigfoot.  It's only
personal bank
> account information-- why keep the data in-house?  :-)

> I've noticed those citi mismatches too.  Sometimes the PTR and A
records are even
> confused as to which citi* domain the host is in.

> Anyway-- not finding the bank domain a Received header is _not_ good
enough to
> call it a phish.  It would be nice if it were so.  They _usually_ have
good SPF
> records, but I've seen a major bank leave off their third-party

Actually, whether they like it or not, they are phishing themselves.

We should be marking ALL such behaviour as phishing and hope that the
banks (etc) finally get a clue.

I certainly wouldn't trust my money with an outfit that was that
clueless about security.



Phil Randal
Networks Engineer
Herefordshire Council
Hereford, UK

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