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From SM>
Subject Re: Discussion side point: levels of Trust
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2008 02:10:11 GMT
At 17:46 11-06-2008, Linda Walsh wrote:
>     How does one decided on 'trust'?  I.e. I think it would be
>useful to assign a probability to "Trust" at the least.  I mean do I put
>my ISP in my trusted server list?   -- suppose they start partnering with

It could be a reputation system where you assign a probability.

>- root DNS servers (arguably more trustworthy than most ISPs, but since
>    I have to go through my ISP to get to them, _logically_, how can I
>    trust them more?)

DNSSEC in theory.

>- HTTPS-personal money sites...(for some things more trust than my ISP, but
>     they are 'banks' -- so that trust is with some grains of 'salt'

Look out for the Green color in the Address bar. :-)


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