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From "Benny Pedersen">
Subject Re: spamd on a remote server - user_prefs
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2008 12:31:40 GMT

On Tue, June 3, 2008 19:18, Jari Fredriksson wrote:

> Ya, it moves email having 8 bit characters in headers to quarantine.

true, but please start a new thread not just reply

> That's bad.. While it's againts RFC's to put 8 bit characters to headers, many
> do so. So I have set amavis to pass them thru. Haven't seen much more besides
> viruses and illegal 8 bit characters.

most isp and mail admins dont know all rfc's :/

thats olso why its impractical to reject it in mta

same goes for servers that have high secureity with world readelble dirs files

Benny Pedersen
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