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From Linda Walsh <>
Subject Re: Discussion side point: levels of Trust
Date Mon, 16 Jun 2008 17:31:47 GMT

John Hardin wrote:
> On Wed, 11 Jun 2008, SM wrote:
>> At 17:46 11-06-2008, Linda Walsh wrote:
>>>      How does one decided on 'trust'?  I.e. I think it would be
>>> useful to assign a probability to "Trust" at the least.  I mean do I put
>>> my ISP in my trusted server list?   -- suppose they start partnering 
>>> with
>> It could be a reputation system where you assign a probability.
> Probability of what, exactly?
> Bear in mind, "trusted" means "does not forge Received: headers", not 
> "does not send or relay spam".

	I am aware of this.
	However, it's not an easily discerned number, but if I had att or comcast as an 
ISP, my trust in them would maybe be a trust value .7-.8.  Like the
ISP in Europe who insertted over 20million ads on HTML pages -- they could
just as easily be adjusting return headers.
	But more worrysome are the cooperations of ISP's with the
unconstitutional 'lawless intercept' actions by law enforcement agencies that
are used to find and entrap end-users for any crime they wish to target.
While the laws were sold on terrorist grounds, then later bolstered via
the mantra "for the children for the children...its all the childporn" (expanded
to apply to anyone under age 18).

	I could easily see the possibility of domain-information being
corrupted -in real time- to allow intercept of traffic -- that could either
be used in a 'honeypot' scenario, or just to monitor.  While in some cases
they ISP's have no choice but to cooperate, there have been several high profile
ISP's (ATT, Verizon), who have handed over information without requiring any
formal oversite or legal documents.  That's scarey as the US moves more toward
the corrupted-GOP's idealized police state.  Hopefully we can get some
serious regime change to undo some of these worst practices...but governments
are notoriously bad about letting go of power once they've grabbed a hold of it.

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