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From mouss <>
Subject Re: Replies to this list
Date Tue, 10 Jun 2008 17:48:28 GMT
Joseph Brennan wrote:
> mouss <> wrote:
>> let's get a deal. we don't ask about your mac, and you don't ask about
>> our header :) is this fair?
> Not at all.  If we were using my Mac together, I'd consider your input
> into how it's configured.
> Yes yes, the reply-to debate.  Let's skip it.  The presence of the
> Mail-Followup-To header field fooled me into thinking the list owners
> wanted replies to go to the list.  Now I get it.  Ha ha.

The list does not add a Mail-Followup-To header. It is the sender who 
choses to add one if he doesn't want private copies. some people even 
set the Reply-To because some MUAs do not check the Mail-Followup-To 
header. but that still doesn't solve the problem as I've seen mailers 
reply to the From header and unfortunately, this one cannot be changed 
since it is the one that most mailing list software checks.

Anyway, many people (including $self) think that it is the (original) 
sender who decides where replies go. so the problem is on the MUA side 
and list software should not try to "fix" problems that ought to be 
solved on the client side. but let's not get into this debate here. 
While I prefer "no munging", I don't think this is a critical issue and 
I'm happy on lists with both styles.

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