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From Alex Woick <>
Subject Re: vbounce does not catch qmail bounces
Date Fri, 06 Jun 2008 12:33:48 GMT
>> Yes I did, and all the other backscatter is detected by vbounce fine:
>> whitelist_bounce_relays lxrouter.wombaz.localnet *
>> But now I saw the Message-Id contained my local mail server name from
>> whitelist_bounce_relays:
>>> Message-Id: <20080605045059.2705546807@lxrouter.wombaz.localnet>
>> The "lxrouter.wombaz.localnet" can only be generated by my system. It is
>> the intranet name of my mail server. This leads me to the conclusion
>> that qmail doesn't insert a Message-Id 

> stop incriminating qmail. the Message-id must be supplied by the MUA. if 
> postfix adds a missing message-id, then it's a postfix problem, not a 
> qmail problem.
I have no intention of starting a qmail/postfix/whatever flame war. I 
was not aware that qmail seems to be a delicate subject for some people. 
I simply had a problem with not detecting backscatter.

For the time being, I solved the problem by removing 
"lxrouter.wombaz.localnet" from whitelist_bounce_relays. 
<something> is already always present in my Received: lines, 
since I send all of my mail through their smarthost.


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