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From Paul Douglas Franklin <>
Subject Re: I need your spam!
Date Fri, 06 Jun 2008 00:35:52 GMT
I tried the rules below and then sent a test from a Yahoo account I have 
for just such tests.  (I added a yellow rule.)  Spamassassin did not 
mark it as yellow.
The version I have (it comes with Kolab) is 3.1.0.  Should these rules 
work for that version?  Lint didn't show any problems.
I'm not proficient with MX records, so I haven't tried to send you my junk.

Marc Perkel wrote:
> Actually - I just need your spam attempts. I have a way to detect 
> spambots on the first try and add them to my blacklist at 
> Sp - if you want to participate and lose a chunk of your virus spambot 
> spam all you have to do is add us as your highest numbered MX record.
> 100
> What we will do is return a 451 error after the DATA command is sent. 
> And - if you then also use our blacklists then the bots spamming your 
> domains will be blacklisted.
> Here's infor on our lists:
> Here's the SA rules to make it work.
> header __RCVD_IN_JMF 
> eval:check_rbl('JMF-lastexternal','')
> describe __RCVD_IN_JMF Sender listed in JunkEmailFilter
> tflags __RCVD_IN_JMF net
> header RCVD_IN_JMF_W eval:check_rbl_sub('JMF-lastexternal', '')
> describe RCVD_IN_JMF_W Sender listed in JMF-WHITE
> tflags RCVD_IN_JMF_W net nice
> score RCVD_IN_JMF_W -5
> header RCVD_IN_JMF_BL eval:check_rbl_sub('JMF-lastexternal', '')
> describe RCVD_IN_JMF_BL Sender listed in JMF-BLACK
> tflags RCVD_IN_JMF_BL net
> score RCVD_IN_JMF_BL 3.0
> header RCVD_IN_JMF_BR eval:check_rbl_sub('JMF-lastexternal', '')
> describe RCVD_IN_JMF_BR Sender listed in JMF-BROWN
> tflags RCVD_IN_JMF_BR net
> score RCVD_IN_JMF_BR 1.0

Paul Douglas Franklin
Computer Manager, Union Gospel Mission of Yakima, Washington
Husband of Danette
Father of Laurene, Miriam, Tycko, Timothy, Sarabeth, Marie, Dawnita, Anna Leah, Alexander,
and Caleb

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