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From Ken A>
Subject Re: List of Banks often spoofed in Phishing scams
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2008 13:56:31 GMT
Graham Murray wrote:
> ram <> writes:
>> That is not practical.
>> Atleast in India, Banks use third party servers to send their mailers
>> often. And the ips have PTR's & HELO's which dont match the banks',
>> because these dont belong to the bank
> Which practice does nothing at all to combat phishing. Banks and other
> financial institutions should send mail only from their own
> domain(s). Any bank which does not have a sufficiently large (or
> cluefull) IT setup to enable them to send email from their own domains
> is probably not worth doing business with. Financial institutions should
> be in the forefront of online security.

Chances are you do business with them whether you like it or not, 
through other parties that process your payments through BofA, Citicorp, 
Amex and others. :-(
This is of course not the IT dept, but Marketing.

All you email admins out there that can afford to block them, please do!
In the "customer centric world" of email service providers, most email 
admins can't block these mailers, even if they do invite a phishing tag. 
Hopefully, they will get a clue eventually.


Ken Anderson

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