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From mouss <>
Subject Re: google netblocks records etc
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2008 16:19:26 GMT
Robert - elists wrote:
>> I think he meant whitelisting when the rDNS is verified (FcrDNS) by a
>> "double lookup". That's what a postfix check_client_access will do.
>> [snip]
> Mouss
> I think I wanted to whitelist inside my greylist the google IP netblocks
> space.
> They have a zillion outbound MX servers and some clients "appear" to be
> experiencing serious delays when we fine tune some other parameters.
> So therefore, whitelisting google IPs in the greylist data would allow the
> google email to go straight through to SA for scoring and other processing

I have
where the file is synchronized using rsync.

This skips all client checks (including DNSBL lookups) for ranges listed 
in dnswl.

Alternatively, you can lookup the spf ranges periodically, and update a 
local whitelist.

That said, I only do selective greylisting (only greylist under certain 

PS. This thread should move to another forum as it's not really SA related.

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