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From Leonardo Rodrigues Magalhães <>
Subject Re: google netblocks records etc
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2008 13:59:59 GMT

Benny Pedersen escreveu:
> whitelist_dnsname in policyd does it, i will test if postfix does the same,
> thanks for pointing it out :-)

    policyd does whitelist_dnsname based on reverse passed by postfix. 
policyd itself does NOT reverse lookups.

    The good is that postfix only passes reverses do policy servers, 
including policyd, if the reverse is OK in forward and reverse 
configurations. if the ip->name is OK, but name->ip is not OK, than 
policy server will receive 'unknown' as reverse name, even if the 
ip->name do have some reverse.

    that way, whitelist_dnsname feature from policyd can be used with no 
more worries, because it will only match those 100% Ok reverse names.


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