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From Leonardo Rodrigues Magalhães <>
Subject Re: google netblocks records etc
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2008 13:56:59 GMT

Robert - elists escreveu:
> Since they seem to have zillions of outbound mx machines
> Are most of you whitelisting these blocks ?
> has anyone noticed if these are pretty static or do these TXT records change
> frequently or otherwise?

    the only whitelist i apply to gmail is whitelist their servers from 
greylist measures. All hosts which match:


    wont be greylisted. No more whitelists and no more privileges than 
that. If the message cames in, it will be SPAM/virus scanned just like 
all the others.



	Atenciosamente / Sincerily,
	Leonardo Rodrigues
	Solutti Tecnologia

	Minha armadilha de SPAM, NÃO mandem email
	My SPAMTRAP, do not email it

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