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From Michael Monnerie <>
Subject Re: how to keep updated against german spam?
Date Tue, 10 Jun 2008 11:30:23 GMT
On Dienstag, 10. Juni 2008 peter pilsl wrote:
> I run spamassassin 3.2.3 and every few weeks a new wave of german
> SPAM hits our servers that are not detected by spamassassin...
> Is there a webpage where I can get new rules? or any channel I can
> subscribe for sa-update?
> I also have a question about sa-update and new channels? If I add a
> new channel that provides new rulesets, do I have to add this new
> rules to my or are they used automatically as if they were
> sa-rules themselfes?

I am the maintainer of the GERMAN ruleset. You can download it in 
various ways. From the comment within that ruleset:

# License: Artistic - see
# Maintainer: Michael Monnerie ( from
# How to get it:
# SpamAssassin Channel:
# Also via RDJ (RulesDuJour) as: ZMI_GERMAN
# RDJ is available at
# Home:
# HOWTO contribute:
# - write and --lint your own rules
# - be sure it hits more than just one spam
# - try to write rules similar to how we write them recently (see the
#   latest body rulesets (the last ones!) to get an example)
# - be sure it actually *is* spam, not just a newsletter from a company
#   who bought your e-mail address from another company (they often don't know...)
# - send your rules to the maintainer (see above) together with the licence
#   (which MUST be "Artistic" for me to include it, or you grant me rights
#    to redistribute it under the "Artistic" licence)

mfg zmi
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