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From Robert Müller <>
Subject Re: possible idea for backscatter problem
Date Thu, 08 May 2008 13:11:59 GMT

Henrik K schrieb:
> On Thu, May 08, 2008 at 11:35:30AM +0100, Justin Mason wrote:
>> Not in my experience!
>> I haven't seen anything that isn't a bounce message, an out-of-office
>> notification, auto-replies, or other stuff targeted by the VBounce
>> ruleset.  certainly not transactional mail.  as far as I can tell, it's
>> *not* that common.
> I can give you dozen sample emails from last week right now. Including
> handwritten mails from people, that come from strange systems (Lotus, Live
> Mail, Horde/IMP..) sending as null. There's a lot more, I don't have time to
> check every mail. It *is* common. And this server only passes 15k mails a
> day.
> You are only talking about your own mailfeed, right? I can't believe you
> would say this otherwise.
>>> Do you want a bug opened?
>> Nah, that's ok ;)
> Well, frankly I have too much on my plate to start working on this too. So
> I'll let it sleep for now. :)
After my fix in the I had also several FPs, the most 
significant the SA-bugzilla account confirmation mail. :-| Reason for 
this was the simple match on 'daemon' in the "From:" -line regexp.
Is somebody already working on an enhancement of the ruleset?
Otherwise, if you can provide some of your FP's (and maybe some real 
backscatter) I can imagine to put them together with mine and try to 
improve the rules a little bit in the next few weeks.
BTW: Also for me 'null senders' are not common - never had problems with 
this, except UBE. Correctly configured servers/clients should not 
produce such mails, IMHO.

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