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From Marc Perkel <>
Subject Re: Experimental - use my server for your high fake MX record
Date Wed, 07 May 2008 21:11:43 GMT

Randy Ramsdell wrote:
> DAve wrote:
>> Marc Perkel wrote:
>>> Looking for a few volunteers who want to reduce their spambot spam 
>>> and at the same time help me track spambots for my black list. This 
>>> is free and mutual benefit. I ( want to be your 
>>> highest numbered fake MX record. Here's how you would configure your 
>>> domain:
>> A generous offer and an admirable effort. But if you think I or my 
>> clients are going to route mail to your servers you are mistaken. 
>> Even if I knew you personally, I don't think ethics or common sense 
>> would allow me to do so.
>> DAve
> Not taking a position on this, but isn't outsourcing spam filtering 
> normal? Although I would think one would consider carefully about 
> outsourcing their e-mail filtering, I don' think common sense or 
> ethics have a whole lot to do with it.

Thanks Randy,

I am in the outsourced spam filtering business so this all seems natural 
to me. And I look at it as win/win. I get useful data, the person 
letting me use their high numbered MX record gets some spam reduction. 
I'm not interested in the content of the message or anything other than 
catching the IP addresses of virus infected spam bots. That's all I want 
to do.

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