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From Robert Müller <>
Subject typo in
Date Tue, 06 May 2008 22:01:02 GMT
Hi all,
as I'm facing raising amount of bounces on my mailserver in the last 2 
months, I tried to use the vbounce ruleset to identify the ones caused 
by UBE faking the sender address.
This was generally successful, but surprisingly there are a lot of 
UBE-bounces which are not recognized by vbounce.
After digging a little bit into this (I'm not a SA-expert), it showed 
that the body-rule " __HAVE_BOUNCE_RELAYS" is giving a "1", but often no 
header rule "__BOUNCE*" seems to give a hit.
One of the most likely rules to be IMHO true is the 
"__BOUNCE_FROM_DAEMON" one, but this one nearly never gives a hit. 
Looking at the regexp in this line, the "+" after the \S seems not to be 
correct from my point of view, I would suggest a "*" here, as it is in 
So for testing purposes I modified the line
header __BOUNCE_FROM_DAEMON   From =~ 

to new:
header __BOUNCE_FROM_DAEMON   From =~ 

and now, also the bounces formerly not recognized are correctly identified.
Can someone confirm that this is a "typo"? Or have I misunderstood 


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