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From "Luis Hernán Otegui" <>
Subject Re: Can I block/blacklist via SPF??
Date Tue, 20 May 2008 14:53:08 GMT
2008/5/20 mouss <>:
> Matt Kettler wrote:
>> Luis Hernán Otegui wrote:
>>> Hello, list. I've been wondering how to stop traffic from certain
>>> hosts which only seem to distribute spam. I'm tired of reporting the
>>> emails to their ISP, Spamcop, etc. Since the servers are identically
>>> configured (they seem to be virtual machines fired up/cloned from the
>>> same template), and have valid SPF records, I would like to know if is
>>> there a way to block/blacklist these domains via SpamAssassin.
>> Why get SPF involved? Just blacklist the domain with blacklist_from
>> *
>> SPF is useful to prevent forgery, but if a spammer wants to forge a domain
>> you've blacklisted.. well, more power to em.
> and he can also block the domains or the clients in his MTA.

Well, guess I left my brain on my night table this morning... Thanks
for the Kindergarden lesson! Blocked them @ Postfix.

Excuse me for the dumb topic. Too much coffee and no sleeping make me
really close to a sea slug when it comes to thinking ;-)


Best regards,


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