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From "Benny Pedersen">
Subject Re: MySQL and Size Of bayes_expiry_max_db_size
Date Wed, 28 May 2008 08:46:32 GMT

On Wed, May 28, 2008 00:04, Larry Nedry wrote:

> I'm looking for a way to calculate or experimentally find the sweet spot
> for bayes_expiry_max_db_size.  Is there an ideal range?  Or a maximum size?
> What happens if the size is too high?

what happen is when the size is to big the more ham/spam training needs to be
performed to have effect on bayes

the lower bayes size, faster learning, but olso a bit unstable

to get it:

1: if you want manual training keep sizes low
2: otherwize raise bayes size to be bigger to compensate for no manuel training

always monitor bayes anyway will spot if it works or not, for the bayes
autolearn one can make the range bigger to get more static laerning olso, so
if bayes updates takes lots of time pr msg, this is how to make it more

most important is that bayes is doing it right eg only give bayes_99 for spam,
and bayes_00 for ham

last but not least make sure there is equal learned ham / spam signatures

Benny Pedersen
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