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From (Bob Proulx)
Subject Re: How do I Test SpamAssassin
Date Sat, 17 May 2008 04:10:17 GMT
Please don't top-post.  It makes it much harder to read.

Marc Ferguson wrote:
> Arvid Ephraim Picciani wrote:
> > just use spamc and feed a message manually, unless you want to
> > test your MTA, in which case you need to check the manual of your
> > mta.  You can as well just send a message to yourself using telnet
> > from your home computer. a properly setup spamfilter will match
> > XBL, no matter the content of your message.
> I am a total newb to spamassassin and some network tools you mentioned
> so I don't know how to do what you suggested.  I looked up spamc and I
> see it's the client to spamd, but I didn't understand fully what I read.

By this I assume that you are using "spamassassin" directly and not
"spamc".  (That's okay.  I use "spamassassin" directly too. :-)  The
two are almost the same thing in functionality.  In which case you can
translate that instruction into feed the message into spamassassin.

You can also tell if spamassassin is working by the presence of X-Spam
headers in the processed messages.  If the header is there then
spamassassin is processing the message.  If not then it isn't.

> Besides testing to see if spamassassin is working I wanted to increase
> the filters.  I don't know if i'm saying it right.  Mail does go to my
> junk box but i'd like more mail in my junkbox.  I do not have full
> control over my mail server.  Thanks.

One very large lever is the Bayes engine.  But it needs 200 spam
messages and 200 non-spam messages before it will have enough history
to add to the scoring.  You can see how many messages have been
processed using sa-learn like this:

  sa-learn --dump magic


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