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From (Bob Proulx)
Subject Re: How are SpamAssassin headers dealt with on RMAIL messages in Emacs ?...
Date Thu, 01 May 2008 22:04:05 GMT
Don Saklad wrote:
> How are SpamAssassin headers dealt with on RMAIL messages in Emacs ?...

It has been a while since I have used RMAIL but since I think that
will be true of a lot of people I decided to answer anyway.  :-)

I believe the SA headers are simply ignored along with other headers
that are ignored.  Mail contains many Recieved:, Delivered-To:,
etc. headers that are all ignored.  Additionally SA puts all of its
headers into the X- namespace which are also ignored.

> using already existing EMACS commands rather than programming.

If you are looking for a way to sort based upon spam score then I
think you are out of luck.  SpamAssassin came along much later than
RMAIL and as far as I know RMAIL doesn't know how to parse the headers
and do fun sorting and sifting based upon them.  It could though.
Seems reasonable to me.  Mutt does it.

> Not all new users and not all intermediate users have made their way
> through a learning curve of programming techniques.

Not sure what you are hinting at there since emacs is a self-hosted
environment built upon people's programs.  There really isn't a way of
avoiding it.  Someone needs to program it.  Some environments are more
conducive to this than others.

You could get much better domain specific help by asking your question
in the mailing list.  You might even motivate
someone that if it isn't there they might add it.


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