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From "Josie Walls" <>
Subject Score Definitions
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2008 16:09:35 GMT


I am a first-time user of SpamAssasin. While testing content for a client I
received the below results:


0.6 HTML_90_100 BODY: Message is 90% to 100% HTML 
0.9 HTML_IMAGE_RATIO_04 BODY: HTML has a low ratio of text to image area 
2.3 HTML_IMAGE_ONLY_12 BODY: HTML: images with 800-1200 bytes of words 
2.1 HTML_MISSING_CTYPE Message is HTML without HTML Content-Type 
2.3 HTML_SHORT_LINK_IMG_2 HTML is very short with a linked image 

Can anyone tell me where I can get explanations or reasons why the scores
are high? Are these tactics used by spammers?


I appreciate any insight this group can provide, even if it's a link to a
page where I can get information so I can explain to my clients that these
are bad practices they should change.


Thanks very much for your help.


Kind Regards,




Josie Walls

Senior Email Deliverability Manager

WhatCounts, Inc.

Business Email, RSS, Mobile, and Blog Marketing 
206-709-8250 X143 (office)
917-361-4155 (cell)
206-709-9210 (fax)
800-440-7005 (support)


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