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From René Berber <>
Subject Re: Botnet 0.8 Plugin is available (FINALLY!!!)
Date Fri, 28 Sep 2007 21:03:37 GMT
Hanz wrote:

> [L]ooking at the debug code, I notice that botnet,pm version 0.8 is only
> checking the last server IP and not all  IPs in the path.

Which is correct, if you checked the originating address in the list then all
messages sent from home (through your ISP or work) would be marked as dynamic,
and therefore possible bot, which is not true.

> I believe if is checking all the path  the mail went thru like how
> dnsbl is used,

If a dnsbl does that, it is wrong and worthless.  What dnsbl checks mail
messages anyway? they respond to queries about IPs, not message routes.

> botnet will get more accurate. I could be wrong on this but
> for the shake of fighting spam,I hope I am right and you could find a way to
> get this to work.

You are wrong.
René Berber

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