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From Dave Koontz <>
Subject Re: R: R: URIWhois-0.02
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2007 22:49:37 GMT
If nothing else, you should likely add a disclaimer to your rules as you
can't control the threshold at which a site may be blocked for excessive
queries.  I doubt that most users on this list have email volumes as low
as yours (100?), and will go well above the thresholds you've tested.  I
am a what I consider a small site, yet I know I would generate well in
excess of 100,000 queries in 24 hours.

So, what happens with your plugin should a timeout or ban occur?

Giampaolo Tomassoni wrote:
> It depends upon how many e-mail you scan. In about 24h I just issued more or
> less 100 queries to the to several TLDs' whois servers. What is it, 10
> queries per TLD? It doesn't seem too much to me... Also note today I'm
> probably not going to get the same numbers, thanks to caching. 
> Of course, people scanning 1,000,000 messages a day would probably get
> banned: it would end in roughly 200,000 queries issued per day (say 8,000
> per TLD).

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