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From "Daryl C. W. O'Shea" <>
Subject Re: sa-compile require a restart afterwards?
Date Sun, 16 Sep 2007 02:26:34 GMT
micah wrote:
> I've recently begun running sa-compile in a cronjob after running sa-
> update. Its not clear to me if I need to perform a restart of spamd after 
> a compile has completed, is this necessary?

Yes.  Just like SA doesn't constantly re-read all the rules (or check to 
see if they were modified), it doesn't constantly check to see if the 
rules were re-compiled.

> If so, I'm looking for ideas for detecting if there are actually any 
> updates from sa-update, and then *only* churning the sa-compile if there 
> were updates. As I have it now, I'm running a sa-compile no matter what, 
> which is a bit of a waste in and of itself, but if I also have to restart 
> spamd then I'm potentially letting some messages sneak through while the 
> restart happens. I'd like to minimize this as much as possible.

I'd image that the (quite brief) sa-update perldoc will be quite 
enlightening and answer your question.


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