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From Anthony Peacock <>
Subject Re: Which rules are used
Date Tue, 04 Sep 2007 14:09:32 GMT
Hi Claudia,

The easiest way to see what rules are hitting a particular message is to 
save the message (including _ALL_ headers) into a text file and then to 
pass it to SpamAssassin in test mode:

spamassassin --test-mode < email.txt

This will produce a report of the rules that are hitting the message.

If you want more information use the debug option:

spamassassin --debug --test-mode < email.txt

If you would like people here to let you know which rules these emails 
hit on their systems, place the email text file somewhere on the web, so 
that we can download it and run it through our systems.

PS make sure you are running the above commands as the same user that 
spamassassin usually runs as.

Claudia Burman wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there a way to know if spamassassin is using all the rules?
> I'm getting too much spam, including some which I think should be 
> captured...
> Thanks
> Claudia Burman
> Argentina

Anthony Peacock
CHIME, Royal Free & University College Medical School
"A CAT scan should take less time than a PET scan.  For a CAT scan,
  they're only looking for one thing, whereas a PET scan could result in
  a lot of things."    - Carl Princi, 2002/07/19

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