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From Dale Carstensen <>
Subject Re: can I specify timeouts for a specific DNS rule
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2007 20:55:57 GMT

>> On Fri, 2007-09-07 at 08:36 -0400, Matt Kettler wrote:

 [ snip -- discussion of slow response from ]
>  Mark

It appears from my logs back as far as August 7, 2007, all I get is
SERVFAIL, certainly today there is no routing path to either or from my network.  So is
being DDoSed?  Do they just have pathologically bad connections
with parts of the internet?  Should this rule just be dropped from
whatever distributes it to me automatically (,
and SARE from openprotect)?  Are there routing problems that can
be fixed?

I average one request per two seconds to there, it appears, and they
all fail, so I'm inclined to think I could do without them.  They
just generate ICMP time-to-live exceeded responses.

  Mr. Dale

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