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From "Chr. v. Stuckrad" <>
Subject 'spamc/spamassassin' crashing with overlong blank line spams?
Date Tue, 18 Sep 2007 19:48:26 GMT


Seemingly our spamc (3.1.9, not yet 3.2.*) can not
transfer a special kind of current spam to a remote
spamd.  Those Mails always produce '0/0' instead
of usable reports.

You can see something like the Mail I analyzed
(I had change the offending line for the browser too,
so at the end you seen a descriptive line only)

Is this a known failure of the old spamc?
Is the MTA supposed to fix Mails with overlong
blank/any lines?

Do I have to switch to 3.2.* to fix it?

Would it be possible to 'just take' a
newer 'spamc (3.2.*)' to communicate to
an old 'spamd(3.1.*)' or did the protocol
change somehow?

Thanks for hints ...   Yours   Stucki

PS.:  Ideas welcome for catching the characteristic Subject of
those spams, which look like 'just random tty line noise'!

Christoph von Stuckrad      * * |nickname |<>   \
Freie Universitaet Berlin   |/_*|'stucki' |Tel(days):+49 30 838-75 459|
Mathematik & Informatik EDV |\ *|if online|Tel(else):+49 30 77 39 6600|
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