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From Crocomoth <>
Subject Re: Suggestion to developers
Date Fri, 14 Sep 2007 13:11:03 GMT

Matt Kettler-3 wrote:
> Sure, some messages will bail out faster, but most messages will take
> much longer to scan. How is that better?
> I don't debate that the basic idea of having SA do this "automagically"
> would be a great thing. However, the reality of doing it efficiently is
> much trickier than you think.
> At one point, one idea was to run all the negative scoring rules, and
> then run the positive scoring ones, and bail out if the score went over
> the spam threshold during the positive phase.
> The end result of that test was abysmally slow, due to having to scan
> the message in two passes (negative header, negative body, positive
> header, positive body).

I trust you.
And, probably, any reordering may impact performance (original ruleset is
carefully tuned).
Unfortunately, I don't know rules order in processing (equal to load order
established by first numbers in configs filename?)
But, I see that shortcirquit does reordering (bayes, whitelists and some
others) and nothing dramatic happens. Even more, this plug-in is recommended
for use (in propertly set up installations).

Of course, if we will consider an abstract case where negative rules may
happen in body as well as in header in unpredictable quantity and order, and
reordering is impossible, this idea has no right to live.
But, in reality, we see that almost all negative rules are about the header
with the only exception - bayes.
And this test (bayes) is moved to the top by shortcirquit (before all header
tests), and this does not harm performance.
I think, this situation (all negatives are from the header) will be
preserved in future version of SA, because of nature of email messages.
So, I think, it is possible to turn on collected points check after
[prioritized rules + header rules] (and inside body rules), without any
sorting if this is undesirable.

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