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From "Michael Scheidell" <>
Subject RE: and
Date Tue, 04 Jul 2006 12:35:13 GMT

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> From: Anthony Peacock [] 
> Sent: Tuesday, July 04, 2006 5:06 AM
> To: SpamAssassin Users
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> balance these scores out?  I understand that SPF is not a sign of 
> hammy/spammyness, but would I be openening up my system too much by 

But maybe ignoring emails to postmaster@ and abuse@ and having no valid
whois contacts IS a sign of spammyness, and that they don't care if
their users spam, have viruses or pass along phishing emails.

Since you use SPF, you could use whitelist from spf to make sure that
you aren't allowing in forged spam.
Put this in in ../etc/spamassassin directory where local config
files are.

Something like:

whitelist_from_spf    *
(which would allow SPAM from users, but not FORGED SPAM)

(which would be the safest)

However, $$$ is the best way to get to act.

Tell your user to get another ISP.

If doesn't care about spam, viruses, network abuse then they
don't care about the internet.

Vote with your feet.

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