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From Matt Kettler <>
Subject Re: spamassassin log
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2006 14:25:14 GMT
Pezhman Lali wrote:
> hi
> how can i enable logging in spamassassin?
> where will be saved?
If you're using the spamd/spamc pair, spamd will by default send log
messages to your syslog daemon. The "spamassassin" command line script
does not support logging, but it's really slow and inefficient anyway so
very few folks use this method unless they want a simple system for a
small amount of mail.

By default spamd will use "mail" as the log facility. Most syslogd's
write this to /var/log/mail. However, it is important to note that when
using syslog it is the syslogd, NOT the application which decides where
to write the log file.  The app can merely specify facility and
severity, and syslogd decides what file to use from that. Check your

spamd can be made to use a different facility, or directly to a file,
using the -s parameter. See man spamd.

> best
> Pezhman

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