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From "Ken Morley" <>
Subject X-Mailer: GoldMine equated as spam...
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2006 12:39:30 GMT
I have a mailfilter running RedHat ES3, Postfix 2.2.8 (chroooted),
amavis-d, SpamAssassin, etc. and it is generally working very well.

I have had a complaint about a message sent using GoldMine being
rejected. The NDR included "Remote host said: 550 Error: Header X-Mailer
indicates message sent by spambot".

The X-Mailer tag was "X-Mailer: GoldMine [6.50.31113]" and, in this
case, it's definitely not spam.  I have searched and cannot find the
rule responsible for this.  Does anyone know where this rule exists
and/or how to disable it?


This rule seems a little too general as many legitimate messages are
originated from GoldMine's MUA.


Ken Morley

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