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From "jdow" <>
Subject Re: Automatically Updating Rules on Windows
Date Thu, 02 Mar 2006 00:18:51 GMT
Heh, I built my own bash script for updating. It is rude, crude, and
effective. If somebody develops an irrational ideological repulsion to
RDJ I can share it. I'd recommend RDJ. I'm just a hard core reactionary
who developed her script about the time RDJ was developed. I stopped
when it was "enough for me". RDJ kept developing.

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From: "Bret Miller" <>

Thanks to a recent post with a sample of how to download rules in Perl,
I managed to create a nice perl-based updating tool for SARE rules. Why?
Because for a lot of Windows admins, setting up a CYGWIN environment for
RulesDuJour was daunting.

I had a previous example of a Windows-based tool, but it required a lot
of setup work. We needed a simple, easy-to-use tool for this. So, here
it is.

This tool requires creating a working directory for downloading the
rules, setting some configuration information at the top of the script,
and scheduling the batch file. There's a readme file included with some
minimal information about the process.

Actually, since some of our list members prefer I don't attach this
stuff, you can get it from my mail tools page at or directly 

I'd consider this pre-release as I've only done minimal testing to make
sure it works as I expect it to. But I probably won't do any more work
on it unless someone else suggests it needs fixing or enhancement. So,
feel free to try it out...

And as usual, YMMV.


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